Best Tailor-Made Luxury African Safari Vacations

By Kirsty Gordon, Your African Travel Specialist

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Africa is anything but ‘just’ a safari vacation destination. It is teeming with bucket list experiences lurking around every river bend, rolling hill, golden plain and city skyline. Discover a continent ready to exceed your expectations with our tailor-made luxury African safari vacations.

Image showing vehicle on tailor-made african safari vacation in Tanzania | Anywhere in Africa Safaris | Unsplash | Hu Chen


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Image showing gorilla in Volcanoes National Park on tailor-made african safari vacation in Rwanda | Anywhere in Africa Safaris | Singita

Rwanda / Uganda

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Image showing Mokoro on Okavango Delta in Botswana on tailor-made african safari vacation in Rwanda | Anywhere in Africa Safaris | andBeyond


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Image showing couple on romantic safari in Phinda Private Game Reserve on tailor-made african safari vacation in South Africa | Anywhere in Africa Safaris | andBeyond

Romantic Safari

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Image showing beach in Seychelles on tailor-made african safari vacation on an Indian Ocean Island| Anywhere in Africa Safaris | Unsplash

Indian Ocean Islands

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Safari Tales & Travel Tips


#KeepingUpWithKirsty in Botswana’s Delta and Kalahari

Published: 28 June 2023

We guess someone has to do it…you know, going to lodges across Africa and trying and testing them out before sending guests there. At Anywhere in Africa Safaris, the person who “takes one for the team” and leaves her husband at home and works over weekends to be able to take a few days off to travel is our Kirsty Gordon - if we sound a bit bitter about it all, it’s because her latest trip took her out to Botswana’s Okavango Delta where she was invited to stay with our friends at Feline Fields. Here’s her experience:
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1 riders mokoro r

Exploring the Wild: Horseback Riding Safaris in Africa

Published: 28 June 2023

“Going on safari” is exciting, but what about going on a “horseback safari” in Africa? It takes on a whole new dimension to immersive vacations as you combine the thrill of exploration with the tranquillity of being in harmony with nature. But before you count yourself out of this adventure as you’re a "non-rider", the destinations below cater to all riding abilities and as a non-rider, you can experience amazing game drives and activities while your partner or family enjoys their horse riding.
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In Conversation with Dr Wendy Panaino | Tswalu's Resident Pangolin Expert

Published: 9 February 2023

Anywhere in Africa had the pleasure of following Dr Wendy Panaino, Tswalu’s resident pangolin expert, who was awarded her doctorate for her extensive research into the responses of free-living Temminck’s ground pangolins to seasonal and annual fluctuations in climatic conditions and food resources in a semi-arid environment, the southern Kalahari.
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A Luxury African Vacation Few Know About - Yes, It’s Possible!

Published: 17 November 2022

It has taken me over 30 years to discover these far-flung unexpected places, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to share them with you. I guess, it’s a bit like waiting for the right time to propose. The excitement is bubbling, and the thought of you saying “yes” to a new chapter of adventure is the thrill that keeps me fired up as a luxury African travel specialist.
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Best African Safari Destinations for American Travelers

Published: 17 November 2022

So you’re an American traveler who perhaps has done the expected tourist hot spots? You’ve sailed the gondolas, climbed many steps on Greek islands, and you’ve swished sauvignon blanc in Bordeaux. Or maybe you’ve toured the entire USA and you’re ready for a completely different experience?
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“Seeing is different than being told”
- African Proverb

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Anywhere in Africa Safaris arranged a first class safari with flights and all transfers within 24 hours of our decision to travel.  

Kirsty is excellent, efficient and always gets her customers the best rates possible.  

There is so much added service using Anywhere in Africa Safaris and one does not pay more! 

Our safari was brilliant and I will continue to use Anywhere in Africa Safaris.

Helen Jackson & Family

Kirsty made recommendations and dealing with her was a breeze.  

Our favorite lodge was Marataba Explorers Conservation Lodge - we got to ''assist'' in relocating a Giraffe, helped with a buffalo capture, enjoyed incredible Waterberg mountain range.  

Crowther Family

From the very beginning of our communications with Kirsty from Anywhere in Africa Safari, we knew our travel was being well planned and that our travel desires were being considered and weaved into a package that would give us the African experience we were looking for.  Every camp that Kirsty booked was different than the other camps so that our Safaris were not a carbon copy of each other.  

All transfers went flawlessly and Kirsty was in communication with us throughout our trip.

Joseph Simmons

Kirsty went above and beyond to take care of our ''Once in a Lifetime'' trip to Africa.  She planned every detail and took care of every single thing.  We has some changes during the stay and she re-arranged flights, covid tests, accommodation, tour, etc.  

Kirsty checked in with us everyday and sometimes twice a day! She made our trip absolutely PERFECT!! 

Thank you so much for making this trip beyond MY expectations.

Jean Simmons

Hi Kirsty, I would normally write a very professional note telling you that a donation was made in your honor by Sharon Crowther...YIPEE!  Wow, you need to have a birthday more often.  

Thank you Kirsty for spreading the word about our mission and for raising over R15 000 for Elephant Havens in celebration of your 50th-Birthday.  

What would I do without you.  Love you tons.  

Debra Stevens (Co-Founder of Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation)

Kirsty's 50th Birthday Donation to Elephant Havens

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