Anywhere in Africa Photo Entries

There's an African proverb that says, "Seeing is different from being told," so welcome to Africa through the lens of guests to this great continent. Below are the submissions we have received so far for our inaugural photo competition. If you'd like to submit your top 5 photos, click the link below.

Mary Jane Coombe

Here are Mary Jane Coombe's additional photos from her 2017 travels through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

- Hyena and Nyalas were taken near Kapama Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

- Zebras were taken near Khwai River Lodge, Botswana.

- Elephant was taken at Khwai River Lodge, Botswana.

- Sunset was taken at Eagle Island Lodge, Botswana.

De Witt Burger

Here are De Witt's submissions showcasing another side of South Africa:

“Karoo Sunrise 18 March '23” - as the name says, I was in the Karoo in March on a guest farm not far from Kakamas, and took this sunrise pic with Quiver Trees and beautiful clouds.

“Dullstroom 17 June '23” cheeky peacock early one morning, at a guest farm close to Dullstroom.

“Karoo 19 March '23” was taken approximately 100km from Beaufort West, a lonely windmill as the sun rose.

“Kakamas 23 March '23” Sunest in the Karoo, not fat from Kakamas. It was a beautiful sunset with Quiver Tree on the horizon.

“Kakamas 22 March '23” Another sunset in the beautiful Karoo with passing thunderstorm and lone Quiver Tree.

Charnè Scholtz

All of these photos were taken this year in 2023, in South Africa's famed Kruger National Park between March and June.

Clint Wallis

1. Lion Central Serengeti - (June 2023)

2. Leopard - Central Serengeti - (June 2023)

3. Rhino - Central Serengeti (June 2023)

4. Cheetah- Central Serengeti (June 2023)

5. Zebras - Tarangire National Park (June 2023)

Mary Ann van Gaal

1. This photo was taken at Makumu Lodge in Kruger, South Africa (Oct 2016)

2. This photo was taken in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda and shows Rafiki Jr. And his mother (Sep 2022)

3. This photo was taken in the Masai Mara, Kenya (Sep 2022)

4. This photo was taken in the Masai Mara, Kenya (Sep 2022)

5. This photo was taken in the Masai Mara, Kenya (Sep 2022)

Scott Whitlow

01 – "Having Fun." A Lion cub takes a moment to look around while playing and romping with his siblings and cousins. Mama and aunty were dividing their time between watching them and eating a recent kill in their den. Linyanti, Botswana, March 2022.

02 – "This is Mine." There was just a small opening in the dense vegetation for viewing a Leopard just after she dragged her Impala into the bush. Linyanti, Botswana, March 2022.

03 – "Dispute." Everything was calm with this group of hippos. Suddenly, two males started fighting. It was intense and relatively short. Then they went back to ignoring each other. Okavango, Botswana March 2022.

04 – "Watching." A Lion watching the savannah. Moments later he spotted a Leopard and gave chase. The Lion covered the distance quickly, but the unconcerned Leopard lopped away into the shallow swamp. Linyanti, Botswana, March 2022.

05 – "Enjoying the Day." A Rhino grazing after a relaxing mud bath. Mosi-oa-Tunya, Zambia, March 2022.

Carol Whitlow

01 – "How Does This Thing Work?" A baby Elephant exploring how her trunk works as mama provides protection. Chobe, Botswana, March 2022.

02 – "The Chase." A pack of African Dogs flushed this Impala from the bush. Only one dog was pursuing the Impala through a shallow swamp. The speed of the chase was astonishingly fast. This Imala got away. Linyanti, Botswana, March 2022.

03 – "Glad to See You!" Young, orphan Elephants greet each other after breakfast. The social bonding is very strong among the orphans and also very strong bonding with their caretakers. It is humbling and precious to visit Elephant Havens with all the splendid work they do for the orphan Elephants and the community. Maun, Okavango, Botswana, March 2022.

04 – "Brothers at Dawn." Cheetah brothers watching the savannah at dawn. Linyanti, Botswana, March 2022.

05 – "Prowling." A Crocodile patrols the Chobe River. Chobe, Botswana, March 2022.

Anish Satpute

Anish took these photos on a recent safari in Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa from the 6th until 10th July 2023.

Duncan Bridel

Duncan shot these photos of the wildlife in Tanzania's Selous and Ruaha in 2022 and also in Botswana's Okavango Delta in 2016.

Duncan Bridel

Duncan shot these photos of the incredible birdlife, wildlife and guides in Tanzania's Selous and Ruaha in 2022.

Lisa Davies

Lisa shot these safari moments all in Nambithi Game Reserve, South Africa in December 2021.

Nicky Elliott

Nicky shot these safari moments as follows:

1. Springbok in Tswalu, South Africa (Feb 2021)

2. Meerkat in Tswalu, South Africa (Feb 2021)

3. Zebra in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (Nov 2019)

4. Lion in Tswalu, South Africa (Feb 2021)

5. Elephants in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (Nov 2019)

Ed Hart

Ed shot these safari moments during October 2018 when he traveled to Londolozi, the Maasai Mara and Olonana.

Charles Dattola

Charles traveled extensively throughout Southern Africa during September 2022 capturing these moments in time.

1: Vundu Camp in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.
2: Near MalaMala Camp in South Africa.
3: Near MalaMala Camp in South Africa.
4: Near Camp Xakanaxa in Botswana.
5: Near Savute Safari Lodge in Botswana.

Chris Leggatt

Chris took these photos while out on safari in South Africa and on an island getaway in the Maldives.

Photo 1: While this image was taken on safari in Madikwe, this iconic sunrise shot could literally be taken anywhere in Africa.

Photo 2: The Garden Route is great for seaside holidays. Even flamingos enjoy it on occasion.

Photo 3: Rhinos are symbolic of the struggles of conservation in Africa... North West Province

Photo 4: Nothing says romance quite like a Maldives holiday.

Photo 5: It's important to stop for a moment and enjoy all sunsets while on holiday, like this one overlooking the inselbergs of Madikwe

Melanie Black

Melanie took these photos during different safaris across Southern Africa.

1. Tired hippo. Thula Thula Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa(2019)

2. Playful Elephant. Chobe River, Botswana (2021)

3. Thirsty Leopard. Lipadi Game Reserve, Botswana(2022)

4. Star trail arch. Cederberg, South Africa (2023)

5. Himba tribe boy. Namibia (2015)

Isabelle Hanna

Isabelle took these photos last summer (July 5th and 7th 2023) in Botswana. The first three (Roller, leopard, cheetah) were at Khwai/Moremi, and the latter two (elephant and lions) were at Linyanti.

Mary Jane Coombe

Mary Jane photographed these moments while out on safari across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana in November 2017.

The giraffes and elephants were taken near Kapama Private Game Reserve, South Africa, while the baboons, lions and leopard were taken near Khwai River Lodge, Botswana.

Vallary Muhalia

Vallary photographed these moments while out on a 2-day safari experience in the Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya in June 2022.

Walter Bruppacher

Some shots and captions by Walter during his 2012 stay in South Africa where he went on safari in Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve.
Giraffe - "Two like one!"

Lion - "After the hunt!"

Sunset - "Moonrise approaching!"

Cape Town - "Waving Flag showing Cape Town Harbour!"

Stellenbosch - "Having fun during Business Hours!"

Eva Chayet

Eva captured these moments while out on safari in Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe in May 2023.

Duncan Bridel

Duncan photographed these wildlife scenes during his safari through Tanzania's great National Parks in October 2021.

Dick Horton

Dick photographed these incredible scenes during his travels through Rwanda and Kenya during October 2022.

Shelley Anthony

Shelley photographed this majestic elephant in Tanzania's Lake Manyara, while the lioness in the tree and the lions on the ground were taken in the Serengeti.

The last image was taken along the famed Garden Route in South Africa.

Valentina Sabini

Valentina from Piacenza, Italy, shared her photographs with us as taken from her safari and travels across Namibia's Damaraland and Etosha National Park (August 2019), Botswana's Chobe National Park in Botswana (August 2016) and the Zambezi near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (August 2016). The primate photo was then taken in Zanzibar (January 2019).